Essure Removal

Dr. López-Benítez is one of a select number of physicians in Las Vegas knowledgeable in the correct procedures for Essure Removal. Essure was a procedure that involved the insetion of a hysteroscope — a miniaturized telescope — through the vagina in order to insert a metal device inside both fallopian tubes. It was becoming the standard of care for female sterilization and was considered the best choice for today’s active women.

However, there have been many patients referring several problems after their Essure procedure, mostly pelvic pain and/or abnormal uterine bleeding. Other symptoms that have been reported include headaches, joint pain, autoimmune disease, fatigue, and hair loss, among others. Due to these problems, on December 2018 Bayer removed Essure from the US market.

If you are suffering from any problems after the Essure procedure, please schedule an appointment with Dr. López-Benítez. The Essure devices can be removed either by removing the fallopian tubes and the cornual areas of the uterus (closer part of the uterus to the fallopian tubes) or by a hysterectomy. Dr. López-Benítez does both surgeries with 3 small incisions in the abdomen, and you go home the same day. Also, most insurance companies provide coverage for Essure Removal surgery. Please call us to schedule a consultation to help you gain back a better quality of life!